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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mosswood Dog Lovers Need Help

The new Mosswood Dog Park in Oakland is finally open after much work
from community members, but currently there is NO water access! An
installation proposal has been submitted and the grant application has
been submitted too, but the Mosswood dog walkers are desperate for letters
of support so the City of Oakland will grant their proposal.

They are asking neighbors (you!) to take 5 minutes or less, if you are willing, and
please send a quick note stating your support for water fountains in
Mosswood Dog park. The note can be very brief, even one sentence.
Emails need to sent by close of business Friday, July 25.

Emai to: Kathy Kleinbaum: kkleinbaum@oaklandnet.com

Or feel free to cut and paste:

Dear Ms. Kleinbaum:

I support the installation of water fountains at the Mosswood Dog Park
in Oakland. A constant supply of fresh water is essential to a dog's
good health and comfort. Both heat and and exercise can dehydrate dogs
quickly and lead to serious health issues. Dog parks are good for the
community: they have been shown to decrease crime in the areas they
are in, promote neighborhood unity and lead to happier, healthier dogs
in an urban environment.

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