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Monday, September 15, 2014

NEIGHBORHOOD BLOCK GARAGE SALE, this Saturday, September 20, 9am-4pm

NEIGHBORHOOD BLOCK GARAGE SALE, this Saturday, September 20, 9am-4pm. Neighbors along Oakland Avenue between 29th and Pearl Streets (and nearby, of course!) are invited to participate in a shared garage sale. It's time to clean out those garages and closets again and make a couple bucks (and maybe some new friends too)!! Bring your sellable stuff(good condition)to the curb outside your apt/home and spend the day selling your wares and meeting your neighbors. The more the merrier (and the more we attract customers and make more sells!) So come out, show your support (sell or buy) and pass a few hours with the friendly folks of Harri-Oak! Rumors of BBQ's to follow in the aftn/evening. Questions? Contact Stefanie 510-978-2554

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

National Night Out is coming. HarriOak will be holding block parties at 29th and Fairmount and at 264 Oakland Avenue in Perkins Way. Please drop by and say hello to your neighbors! Bring a snack or a beverage to share. If you are musician, bring an instrument and join in the jam.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, July 19: Hearing on New Marijuana Dispensary on Broadway

Heads up: There will be a hearing Thursday afternoon on an application by the Tidewater Patients Group to open a new dispensary. One of the proposed locations, 3020 Broadway, borders on the HarriOak neighborhood.
The hearing will begin Thursday at 4 p.m. in Hearing Room One at City Hall, Frank Ogawa Plaza. People who are interested in filing an objection will have an opportunity to do so at that time. You can find the notice of the meeting here.

View Proposed Marijuana Dispensaries in a larger map

Saturday, June 23, 2012

About the Vernon Market

Over the years, the liquor store at the corner of Harrison and Pearl Street has been a source of neighborhood contention. It is primarily patronized by associates of the Pearl Street Gang, an offshoot of the Circle Boys, that commute to the neighborhood in order to sell drugs on the street. (Those little airplane liquor bottles are kept in stock just for them.) A number of shootings, including one homicide, has occurred in the vicinity of the Vernon Market, in addition to ongoing nuisance activity that includes loitering and public urination. Although, truth be told, the nuisance activity has dramatically diminished since the neighborhood got organized a year or so ago.

People to look out for
Joey McWoodson, a leader of the Pearl Street gang who has a stay-away order for the neighborhood, reliably turns up at the Vernon Market. McWoodson is a medium-size African American man with dark skin, large brown eyes and braids that hang to the middle of his back. You've probably noticed him: he's the guy who likes to walk around without his shirt on.

Where the dealers are
If you are new to the neighborhood and wondering where all the action is, favorite places to deal include the corner of 29th Street and Harrison, Stanley Place and until recently, Oak Park. Those guys you see loitering around, yep, they're dealing. It is true that these guys will sell you marijuana (along with other drugs) but they will also hold you up while you are walking down the street early in the morning or walking home from Whole Foods. So by all means fight for the legalization of marijuana and patronize your local dispensary, but please think twice before encouraging violence in our community. If you see activity please call 510-777-3333, and join the dozens of other neighbors who are fighting for to keep our little corner of Oakland safe. You can also call the 510-238-3784, the anonymous drug hotline.