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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Message from Nancy Nadel

Councilwoman Nancy Nadel recently sent out this e-mail to constituents:

Dear Oakland Resident,

We are in the midst of troubled times in Oakland. I have been receiving many calls and emails about the issues surrounding the City Administrator and the Mayor’s response. As a scientist by training, I am intent on getting all the facts before rushing to judgment as I determine the best course for the city and continue my work to empower our residents to be active, productive and proud of their city. As I become aware of the need for deeper investigation, I will approach the appropriate level of government to provide it.

I want to assure my constituents and all the residents of Oakland, that I will work diligently to expose and eliminate any corruption and just plain sloppy practices that diminish our city and devalue the hard work of the many city employees who are principled and reliable.

Whenever there is a crisis, there is a dance of opportunism of which we should all be wary. I encourage you as Oakland residents to listen and evaluate carefully all that you hear and see going on whether in the press or in the realm of politics. Leadership is not the same as opportunistic power grabbing. The kind of leadership Oakland needs is leadership that will inspire honest and ethical behavior, and empower Oakland’s residents and workers to be all that they can be.


Nancy Nadel

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