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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Indy Arts & Media Event in Berkeley on Sept. 25

Dear readers,

Usually the HarriOak News tries to focus on events in our neighborhood, but we are making an exception for this Indy Arts & Media Event. Indy Arts is a big supporter of local artists and media makers and this event is just a short bike ride (or BART ride) away. Here is a message from Clarissa Morales Roberts, the executive director:

Dear Artists and Culture Makers and Innovators,

Greetings! I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very special invitation to an event this Friday, September 25th from 12:00N to 7:00PM at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California, just steps from BART!

As part of our 10th Annual Expo for Independent Arts, Independent Arts & Media is very excited to present our first Symposium for Artists, a day of Workshops, Panel Discussions, Networking & Collaboration. This event has a sliding scale and was created specifically with the independent artist and culture makers in mind! No one will be turned away for inability to pay!

Our Panel Discussions will cover the State of the Arts, Arts Funding, Issues for the Working Artist, and Community 2.0 - How Artists can capitalize on Social Media. In addition we will have numerous workshops that cover Marketing, Events, Fund Development and even Elevator Pitches in a real Elevator!

Please join us in Berkeley this Friday. Detailed information is available on the Indy Arts website; all links are listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require additional information. We truly hope to see you there.

Also, as mentioned before, the Symposium is part of our larger Expo for Independent Arts in Golden Gate Park on Saturday September 26th from 11:00AM to 6:00PM. The Expo is like a giant Show and Tell where we get to showcase the amazing melange of Bay Area arts and culture. This year's event is sure to be amazing with the addition of the Four Corners Mural Project, our annual Performance Showcase and 5000 friends you never knew you had! This event is free, but donations will be gratefully accepted!

To Register visit: http://exposymposium-09.eventbrite.com/
For Info about the Symposium visit: http://artsandmedia.net/2009/08/expo_symposium_for_independent.html
For Info about the Expo for Independent Arts visit: http://artsandmedia.net/2009/08/the_10th_annual_expo_for_indep.html

Very best regards,


Clarisa Morales Roberts
Executive Director
Independent Arts & Media
707.342.3815 (m)
415.738.4975 (o)

A video from the 2007 Expo:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

HarriOak Community Dinner

Hi! Marla, one of our newest neighbors, had the great idea of starting monthly community dinners for our neighborhood.

We're hosting the first one next Sunday, Sept. 27th at 6:00 pm at Frisbie St. in conjunction with the latest Frisbie St. Art show. Marla's band will be playing (starting at 3:30 pm) and we have a great backyard space so come hang out.

1st Community Dinner
Sunday, Sept. 27th at 6:00 pm
at 204 Frisbie St.

Bring food to share + non-alcoholic drinks. Kid friendly event.

(Frisbie St. is an alcohol free event space - we’re not opposed to drinking - just want to create a friendly space where the whole community can comfortably hang out. If you’re trying to beat alcohol addiction it’s hard to find social gatherings without it. Thanks for understanding.)

Look forward to seeing you - email (lanell at frisbiest dot com) or stop by if you have any questions.

:) Lanell

3 Day Art Event @ Frisbie St.

The latest Art Exhibition at Frisbie St. features photography by 18 women artists exploring stillness and motion through the camera lens. Come check it out!

Here's the schedule:

SHOW OPENING: Friday, Sept 25 * 6 to 9 pm with live music by Aire Redtree

Show continues: Saturday, Sept 26 * 1 to 8 pm with mobile making for kids & adults from 1 to 5 pm led by artist Orna Pascal

SHOW CLOSING: Sunday, Sept 27 * 1 to 5 pm with mobile making for kids & adults led by artist Scott D.S. Young and live music by Oyster Stew Band and Bossafide

Exhibiting Artists: Alyson Belcher * Kirsten Berg * Michelle Bloomberg * Mercy Calman * Perrin Elkind * Susan Freundlich * Leanne Grossman * Rachel Humphrey * Tina Hosseinzadeh * Becky Jaffe * Courtney McCutcheon * Ayesha Mattu * Jessica Neasbitt * Alli Novak * Aphra Pia *Diane Rosenblum * Orkid Sassouni * Mollee Weaver

Curated by Lanell Dike and Becky Jaffe

Location: 204 Frisbie St. (corner of Frisbie & Fairmont)

Friday, September 11, 2009


During the past month at least three homes were burglarized on Harrison, Frisbie and Kempton. Burglars have been entering through windows and in at least one instance have kicked down a door. Three juveniles who live in the neighborhood near Harrison have been associated with the burglaries. They are usually seen riding bikes. Two are African American and one is a skinny Latino who wears a ponytail. At least one of their mothers is concerned about their activities. Please keep an eye out and call 911 IMMEDIATELY if you see anything suspicious. If you have the opportunity, please take a picture with your phone or camera. Previous burglars who targeted HarriOak residents were caught because quick-thinking residents called the police. Unfortunately, during a recent burglary on Frisbie, a neighbor watched entire incident transpire and the criminals depart before contacting the police. That is an example of what NOT to do. Please help keep the neighborhood safe by calling the police immediately. In the case of the Frisbie burglary, the burglars brought a bat and apparently planned a home invasion. Luckily, no one was home. Nothing of value was taken.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2nd Annual HarriOak Block Sale THIS Sunday, Sept 13

2nd Annual HarriOak Block Sale, Sunday, September 13!!

WHEN: Sunday, September 13, 9am-4pm
WHERE: In front of YOUR house/apt!
WHAT: Sell your stuff (buy some new cool stuff) make some $$, (spend some $$), and enjoy the late summer sun with your neighbors!

Got questions? Call Stefani 510-978-2554
She’ll be settin’ up her shabby chic shop at 360 Oakland Ave.
Come by, say hi, and see what treasures you might find for CHEAP!

You can help us out by BLOGGING, TWEETING & FACEBOOK-ING this event on your account!

Furniture, clothes, plants, kitchenware, collectibles, a complete stereo system, an awesome keyboard, office furniture & supplies, printers, a1960’s WHITE sewing machine that works perfectly, dining room chairs, lg bookshelves, bikes, computer equipment, books, videos, art & art supplies, tools, toys, sewing & knitting supplies, fabric and MUCH MORE!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Sidewalk, New Bike Lane and Parking Ticket Forgiveness, Oh My!

The past few months have brought a bunch of improvements to Oakland Avenue.
In an effort to calm traffic and slow down lead-foot drivers, the city has narrowed the traffic lanes and used the extra space for a bike lane. This week, the city also began fixing sidewalks that had been chewed up by the roots of city-owned trees. This means older and disabled residents can once again navigate the street without fear of tripping.

Thanks to the efforts of Stefani Charren and Barton Mayhew, the City has directed parking ticket writers to stop citing folks for parking in front of driveways unless there is a complaint or the red tips of the driveway, if any, are encroached.
While it remains illegal to block someone else's driveway, HarriOak residents can now park in front of their own driveways, increasing the available amount of parking spaces on our street. Let's count this as another victory for common sense and responsive government and give a hat tip to Wladimir Wlassowsky of Public Works.

Neighborhood Crime Meeting September 10

REMINDER: The regular NCPC meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 10 at Providence House at 540 23rd Street. This is the bimonthly opportunity to meet with representatives from the Oakland Police Department to talk about trouble spots and set priorities for addressing problem areas in Beat 8x.