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Friday, December 12, 2008

Oakland Online

Six months ago we got all excited about the increasing number and quality of blogs about Oakland. Since then, the online media landscape has gotten even richer. A Better Oakland, the doyenne of Oakland bloggers, did a round up of her favorite blogs in a recent post that just made my morning and inspired our new sidebar. You can get depressed about crime and our incompetent city council if you'd like, or you can cheer yourself up with OaklandGoods' report on Ozumo, a new restaurant in HarriOak (or Uptown if you really want to be technical), learn more about the Port of Oakland at Oakland Streets' Dredge Report, let Chloe Veltman convince you to buy theater tickets or network with urban gardeners at Ghost Town Farm and The Inadvertent Gardener. There are blogs about local real estate and a growing number of Web sites dedicated to community organizations, like our Beat 8x neighbors in Greater Mosswood and KoreaTown. All these online publications have one thing in common: They celebrate Oakland's rich and vibrant culture and highlight it musical, artistic and intellectual passion.

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