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Friday, December 12, 2008

Graffiti Clean Up

We are making good progress cleaning up the graffiti in the neighborhood. Graffiti has been removed from 85 Garland (repeatedly), 264 Oakland Avenue (repeatedly) 306 Oakland Avenue, 3333 Harrison Street and 201 Orange Street, and the city has been notified about graffiti on signs on Oakland Avenue, including 381 Oakland Avenue, 355 Oakland Avenue and 155 Pearl Street.

If you see graffiti on public property please report it to the city, which will send someone to clean it up. You can call 510-615-5566 or just snap a picture with your phone and e-mail it, along with the property address, to pwacallcenter@oaklandnet.com.

If you see graffiti on private property, please remind the property owner that they are responsible for cleaning up the graffiti or they can be fined for violating the Oakland Municipal Code. (See the copy of the code below.)

The problem-solving officer has taken a look out the graffiti, and it is not gang graffiti, but it is blighting the entire neighborhood. Graffiti hurts.

Oakland's Blight Ordinance - Get more Business Documents

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