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Monday, October 27, 2008

Neighborhood Crime Meeting Recap

Thanks everyone who came to the neighborhood crime meeting. About two dozen folks showed up for a presentation by Reve Bautista and David Hall who talked about the City Attorney's new anti-crime program. (Read the Trib story on the program here.) Also, Benny Kwong, senior project director for EAH housing gave a presentation on a new development near Beat 8x. (Addresses are 616 - 620 & 634 21st Street and 635 22nd Street, 2100 Grove Street, 2126 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 22nd and Martin Luther King Jr. Way and the a PDF with initial info is included below.) Priorities were set as (1) The homeless problem along Telegraph (22nd to 40th Street) (2) Graffiti on Broadway/Harrison/Oakland Ave (3) Drug dealing from 20th to 35th Street. Elise Ackerman was elected as the Beat 8x rotating chair. Elise said she would like to fill the role for six months and that she is hoping someone else will be able to volunteer starting in April. The main responsibility of the chair is to organize the meetings and be a point of contact for the city. In addition, the group also voted to have meetings every other month and to rotate them throughout the beat. The next meeting will be November 20th, location TBA, followed by meetings in January and March. Finally, the sign-in sheet disappeared after the meeting. If you grabbed it by accident can you please email harrioak at yahoo dot com.

EAH Housing Proposal 21st and 22nd Streets - Get more Business Documents

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