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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ballot Help: Measure OO

Community leaders, including Susan Montauk and Gene Zehas, have created a Web site urging people to vote no about Measure OO.

Their key arguments are worth reproducing:

Measure OO is Unnecessary: City Council has already extended the Kids First funding for another 12 years.

Measure OO is Unfair: It would decimate city programs that serve ALL of Oakland’s population--kids, families and seniors—in favor of programs that serve only kids.

Measure OO is Fiscally Irresponsible: By doubling its share of City funds (from 2.5% to 5%) without adding new monies, it will usurp funding for important city services such as parks, recreation programs, libraries, senior services and more.

Measure OO is greedy: If passed, Measure OO would mandate an additional $16 million a year—more than the entire Parks & Recreation budget! At 5% a year, Measure OO would wreak havoc with other critical city programs:

Measure OO is Reckless: With no renewal or sunset clause, Measure OO is a permanent earmark. It locks the city into 5% of the budget a year ($26 million a year in today’s dollars) to kids’ programs FOREVER, no matter what the other demands and economic pressures on the city of Oakland.

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