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Thursday, April 22, 2010

String of burglaries in the neighborhood

Houses on Orange and Fairmount/Frisbie were burglarized on Wednesday evening. It appears someone is casing houses in our neighborhood.

Here is the report from a neighbor: "Someone parking her car heard my house alarm going off, and then saw three young
Af. Am. men run out of the side yard. She went to tell my neighbor what was up. Neighbor called the cops. It seems that someone is casing the houses as there are 3 of us in my house, and we left only for 1.5 hours that day. Someone had to be watching to see when we had all left. Another place around the corner on Fairmount was hit pretty quickly thereafter, same night. Not sure if anyone saw
who had done it. Cops told me. Let's watch out for one another."

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TJ said...

Chiming in a little late here - but they don't usually "case" a house, that takes way to long and they aren't willing to invest that kind of time. The more likely scenario is that they simply ring the door bell for a couple minutes and then try to break in when no one answers.