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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Sidewalk, New Bike Lane and Parking Ticket Forgiveness, Oh My!

The past few months have brought a bunch of improvements to Oakland Avenue.
In an effort to calm traffic and slow down lead-foot drivers, the city has narrowed the traffic lanes and used the extra space for a bike lane. This week, the city also began fixing sidewalks that had been chewed up by the roots of city-owned trees. This means older and disabled residents can once again navigate the street without fear of tripping.

Thanks to the efforts of Stefani Charren and Barton Mayhew, the City has directed parking ticket writers to stop citing folks for parking in front of driveways unless there is a complaint or the red tips of the driveway, if any, are encroached.
While it remains illegal to block someone else's driveway, HarriOak residents can now park in front of their own driveways, increasing the available amount of parking spaces on our street. Let's count this as another victory for common sense and responsive government and give a hat tip to Wladimir Wlassowsky of Public Works.

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Stefani said...

Thanks also to Joe Wang, Supervising Transportation Engineer with the City who was a great advocate for us with Noel Pinto (who calls the shots re: parking do's & dont's).