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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Neighbor's Report on Budget Meeting: "Cuts Not Too Bad"

Naomi Schiff, an awesome graphic designer and owner of Seventeenth Street Studios, attended the budget meeting last night and brought back this report:

"City Council members proposed an alternate menu of budget cuts. They preserved library, parks & rec, and neighborhood services, which is great. No major cuts to these things. City is getting 41 police officers courtesy of the federal govt. And the police union has made some concessions.

On the bad side, but not yet needing action before the council, the state plans to grab $41 million dollars of our redevelopment money. There's a little more time for them to fight that one, in cooperation with other cities and counties being plundered.

Some cuts are worrisome, but we don't know quite what effects will be: There were cuts to the zoning budget, in the midst of a citywide zoning update, a cut to the auditor's office, and some freezing of library positions which are vacant.

The other bad news is that we may see more of this kind of discussion in September after the break, and after the city and state revenue numbers are known better.

But, for the moment, dodged a bullet. Enjoy your libraries and parks, and volunteer to help them out if you have any time and energy available!"

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