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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great opportunity to see Art (and buy too)

East Bay Open Studios, sponsored by Pro Arts will be launching this weekend. There are over 400 artists participating.

In our neighborhood there are three of us - Jane Barker Photography, Debra Jan Bibel at Studio Lone Mountain, and Breathe One Love artist, Lanell Dike (that's me.) We'd all love to see you - click on the links above for exact location and times.

Also, there is a preview exhibit at the Pro Arts Gallery. This is a great place to go for an overview of all the artists. I went last week and came home with over 50 postcards. There are fantastic artists living all around us. Check it out and join in.

p.s. I have extra Artist Directories if you need one to plan your art route - feel free to stop by and pick one up.


Elise said...

I'm excited about this. Can't wait to check it out!

Open Studio said...

Our team at Epicsaurus just launched a brand new Facebook application called Open Studio. The app basically allows users to upload and share their art on Facebook. What's more, it allows users to promote art and share pieces as virtual gifts to each other. Gifts can be collected and used to create virtual personal art collections.

It is completely free to use and we are adding more features every day that allow artists to further promote their work. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook and Open Studio allows them all to view, appreciate, and share art across the world.

Feel free to check it out at http://apps.facebook.com/openstudio. There, you can also see our comprehensive documentation that protects our users and their art. Furthermore, all art will always remain the property of the original artist.

Being from the Bay Area, we really understand and appreciate the difficulty for artists to share and sell their work and we built this application for them. We believe that it will be a very useful tool for them. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!