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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help Save Lakeside Library

This is a guest post from neighbors who are trying to keep the Lakeview Library open. Please read:

Lakeview Library is desperately scrambling to stay alive. The city
wants to cut its services in half, open only 3 days a week, even though
Lakeview's patronage exceeds that of four libraries which are used far
less. Our neighborhood uses Lakeview: More than a third of the April
petition's signatures were collected at Lakeview.

We're collecting and consolidating our community's voices, and have

Lakeview Library's Blog http://lakeviewlibrary.wordpress.com/

This blog will collect library stories and e-mails to city officials
and use them to demonstrate that our neighborhood wants and needs our

1. Tell Us Your Your Library Story
ories/> .

Why is the library is important to you? Use your own story and add a
personal flavor to our community'sentreaties. Did you meet the love of
your life there? Get coached for your citizenship exams? Learn to knit
or play chess? Discover a new genre of book or music? Send you and
your kids home every week with a new batch of bedtime stories? Tell
your story!

1. ELECTRONICALLY : Tell Us Your Library Stories as a comment to the
2. ON PAPER: For those who prefer crayon, ink, photographs, there's
a printable PDF. Just drop the completed form in Lakeview's drop slot.
3. Save Lakeview Library Blog

There's no dedicated e-mail address for Lakeview Library's Friends
group...yet. Until we get one, please take a moment to paste your
e-mails, letters or faxes to our mayor and council into the comments
section. ( You can print your letter or e-mail and drop in at Lakeview
if you prefer)

Please take a few minutes to visit the blog:
---cut-and-paste your letters to the city
---take a few more minutes to add your library story


Photo courtesy of Sean Sullivan


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Anonymous said...

A few updates/oopses:
First: Lakeview library is 6th highest in usage in the Oakland system.

Second: I saw a proposed schedule for the 'paired' libraries: Lakeview will be open *only* on Tuesdays & Thursdays--instead of 6 days a week as it currently is. That's over a 60% cut. Some other libraries aren't being cut at all.

We live in the densest neighborhood in Northern CA--these cuts are inequitable and unethical.