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Monday, February 9, 2009

Wells Fargo Scam

Here is a warning from Wells Fargo:

"Wells Fargo customers are being sent FAKE emails right now. These emails request information about customer accounts and services, including passwords. If you responded to an email like this, you MUST IMMEDIATELY call your Relationship Manager or 1-800-AT-WELLS (1-800-289-3557) to protect your account and information.
DO NOT PROVIDE any information in response to any e-mail or phone call unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE it is from Wells Fargo. These emails are known as 'phishing' which are fake email schemes that attempt to collect secure information from you and from your computer."

"On rare occasions, legitimate inquiries may be made from a Wells Fargo representative who requests your User ID and Company ID. You should only provide this information when you are sure you are speaking with someone from Wells Fargo. Report any phishing or fraudulent attempts to ReportPhish@wellsfargo.com."

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Anonymous said...

Wachovia customers are also receiving these fraudulent emails (Wachovia is being absorbed into Wells--part of the federal bailout)

Wachovia's instructions for how to handle these e-mails are at