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Friday, January 9, 2009

A video of the riots

Zennie Abraham went out with his camera during the riots and got some great quotes from people who were upset about the lack of city services, the dismal performance of Mayor Dellums, the lack of accountability of the city council and more. He shows Peter Van Kleef, of Cafe Van Kleef's bar, rolling down a security gate to protect his customers and also interviews some protesters who proclaim, with a remarkable lack of irony, "you can't fight violence with violence."

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LakeSide Legal Video said...

Gee, why don't you post the video of the murder and complain about the lack of HUMAN RIGHTS that were extended to Oscar Grant III? Where was the outrage when the murder occurred? The riot is not justifiable , although understandable by more learned and historically versed people. My question is simply, "Why not mention the denial of Mr. Grant's civil and human rights by an officer sworn to protect those very rights?". If we saw this video and it came from China, we would all be chanting to ourselves and to Washington to condemn the action as a blatant example of their governments' disregard for basic Human Rights. Some would go as far as to demand sanctions against their government to express our outrage. Yet, not a peep from The HairyOaks Group of paranoid, narcissistic, predatory complainers when the violation is against a person of color. You should be ashamed. Sincerely, Garry