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Friday, August 22, 2008

FBI Investigating Deborah Edgerly

The FBI has opened an investigation into public corruption and the former Oakland City Administrator Deborah Edgerly, the San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday.

Edgerly was fired after she intervened in the arrest of her nephew, a city employee and suspected gang member. But the FBI is digging into more than that.

Meanwhile, Chip Johnson highlights Mayor Dellums puzzling reluctance to remove Edgerly from her post and the deplorable lack of action by the City Council. (Who elected these spineless fools?)

"Dellums flip-flopped for two weeks over whether to fire Edgerly, deciding to do the right thing only after she flatly refused to relinquish authority over the Police Department.

"And I wouldn't bet on the City Council moving aggressively on a half-dozen reform proposals, including an audit of city hiring practices over the last five years - for which the council has yet to approve funds. Instead, it took a six-week vacation.

The jig is up for Oakland's elected leadership. It can either get behind efforts to expose the truth about inefficiencies, patronage and how taxpayer funds are spent, or stand on the train tracks.

Dellums is responsible for his city administrator, and the city administrator is responsible for providing the resources and know-how to implement the public policies adopted by the council."

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