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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Parking Etiquette

One of the neighbors almost had their car towed for partially blocking a driveway this morning. If this sounds like it could be you, during one of those nights where it is impossible to find parking, here's how to prevent being towed: Let the residents of the home whose driveway you are blocking know how to contact you. Leave them a note or knock on their door. Repeat: Make sure they have a way to contact you! Some homeowners routinely block their own driveways. This doesn't mean it's okay if you do it without permission.

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Anonymous said...

Driveways on our block get blocked repeatedly, and I would just underscore this particular message--it's not just about inconveniencing neighbors, but about avoiding having your own car damaged when someone has to back out around you! Another huge issue: blocking the sidewalk. Yes, parking is tough in this 'hood, but blocking the sidewalk is ILLEGAL and you can be towed--even if it's in your own driveway! Please remember to consider your neighbors as you hunt for your next spot.