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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What We Are Reading

Theater critic Chloe Veltman has a review of Sonoma's Cornerstone Gardens in the Financial Times that is worth checking out. "Since opening its gates four years ago, Cornerstone Gardens, in the heart of the California wine country, has rocked this otherwise genteel area with a riot of botanical bombast," Veltman writes.
The article is reposted on her blog, which you can find here.
If you are unfamiliar with the Cornerstone Festival of Gardens, it aims to be "an ever-changing series of walk-through gardens, showcasing new and innovative designs from the world’s finest landscape architects and designers. The first such gallery-style gardens in the United States, the nine-acre Cornerstone Festival of Gardens has been envisioned as an inspiration and resource for people interested in gardens, garden design and art."

Veltman is one of the many writers, artists, musicians and rabblerousers who live in HarriOak. The picture is by BubbleTea, a local photographer. Check out BubbleTea's work on Flickr.

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